Project Team

National Oceanography Centre

image of jones Daniel Jones     
Project Lead
Susan Evans Susan Evans     
image of huvenne Veerle Huvenne     
Adrian Martin Adrian Martin     
image of sands Carla Sands     
image of simon lledó Erik Simon-Lledó     
Cat Wardell Catherine Wardell     
image of yool Andrew Yool     

Natural History Museum

Adrian Glover Adrian Glover     
image of stewart Eva Stewart     

British Geological Survey

Tracy Shimmield Tracy Shimmield     
Hannah Grant Hannah Grant     
Pierre Josso Pierre Josso     

Heriot-Watt University

Mark Hartl Mark Hartl     

Joint Nature Conservation Committee

image of grady Laura Grady     

Scottish Association of Marine Science

image of aleynik Dmitry Aleynik     
Andrew Dale Andrew Dale     
Tim Szewczyk     
Andrew Sweetman     

University of Liverpool

Rachel Jeffreys Rachel Jeffreys     
Louise Norman     

University of Plymouth

Kerry Howell Kerry Howell     

University of Southampton

image of copley Jon Copley     
Bethany Fleming Bethany Fleming     

Project Partners

UK Seabed Resources